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‘The Three Camel Lodge is located in the mid of Gobi Desert in Bulgan sum, Omnogobi province. The Lodge was picked as one of the 50 Best Eco-Lodges by National Geographic Adventure Magazine.


  • Number of standard Gers: 0
  • Number of wooden house: 0
  • Number of deluxe Gers with private bathroom: 40 
  • Restaurant: 1
  • Electricity: 24 hrs
  • Sanitary: western style hot shower & washing facilities.
  • Internet access availability: 3G and Wifi
  • Mobile network: CDMA (G-Mobile)

Additional service & things to do in this Ger camp: (some services are not guaranteed)

  • Horse riding
  • Folklore concert
  • Camel cart
  • Souvenir shop
  • Information center /watching movie, video/
  • renting bicycle
  • Laundry

Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia

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