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Toilogt Ger camp is situated on the western shore of Lake Khuvsgul, which is known as “The Dark Blue Pearl” Lake Khuvsgul is the Mongolia’s largest and second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia.


  • Location: near Khuvsgul Lake
  • Number of standard Gers: 15
  • Number of wooden house: 1 hotel with 20 beds
  • Number of deluxe Gers with private bathroom: luxury lodge house with 20 beds
  • Restaurant: 1
  • Electricity: 
  • Sanitary: western style hot shower & washing facilities.
  • Internet access availability: 3G 
  • Mobile network: GSM (Mobicom, Unitel), 

Additional service & things to do in this Ger camp: (some services are not guaranteed)

  • Horse riding
  • Sauna, Massage
  • Mountain bike
  • Souvenir shop

Toilogt Ger camp at Khovsgol Lake, Mongolia

Toilogt Ger camp at Khovsgol Lake, Mongolia

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