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Internet access in Mongolia

Internet access in Mongolia during the Travel

Internet access in Mongolia

Can I use my own mobile phone in Mongolia?

Mobile phone coverage is generally good in Mongolia, although coverage may be patchy in remote or mountainous areas.
The mechanisms of mobile communication currently being employed in Mongolia includes GSM, CDMA, which represent 3G, 3.5G and 4G network. If your phone is on one of these mechanisms, then it would be working just fine.

Can I use the internet during my trip in Mongolia?

Free Wi-Fi internet is available in all hotels in Ulaanbaatar. Any internet service is not available in Ger camps during your countryside trip. If you really need internet while traveling in Mongolia, it’s a good idea to buy a mobile 3G SIM card from Ulaanbaatar, before start your countryside trip. With the 3G SIM card, you can use internet service using your mobile phone where is the network covering the places.  But the internet speed is not so good!

Where can I purchase locally a SIM card?

Local SIM cards will be cheaper for calling and access internet. In Mongolia, four major mobile service suppliers in Mongolia are Mobicom, Unitel, Skytel and G-Mobile.
The SIM cards used in Mongolia are mostly pre-paid, which means you need enough balance on the card to cover phone calls, internet charges or any other expenses.
Some mobile operators in Ulaanbaatar offer pre-paid travel 3G SIM cards! This type of SIM cards easy to obtain as it doesn’t require any personal information. The card costs various depending on unit for calling and data size for internet use as stated below.
1. Price: 25$. Valid for 14 days, 2GB data use for internet and 5000₮ for domestic calling (70₮=1min).
2. Price: 35$. Valid for 30 days, 5GB data use for internet and 10000₮ for domestic calling (70₮=1min).
If you would like to buy a local SIM card, please let us know before your arrival in Mongolia. In this case, it’s available from your tour guide.
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