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Why travel to Khentii province?

We have helped hundreds of international guests to travel to Khentii province. There was always a reason for them to visit this marvelous land. Some are interested in exploring Mongolian historical site in the province, while others are seeking for the exotic untouched landscape. Here are the reasons why Khentii province should be the top new destination in Mongolia.

Untouched Nature
Khentii province is the most untouched by modern life and more importantly: undiscovered by big tourism because of its infrastructure. There are many rare and endangered plants and animals that are under protection. This will soon change, as the country is increasingly developing and infrastructure is getting better quickly. More pure, authentic experience is here.

Historical sites
Nowadays, Khentii aimag represents one of the tourist attractions. It has many historical places, especially related to the life of Chinggis Khaan as he was born, grew up, raised to a power, was crowned, and considered to be buried here. These attractions include Khokh Nuur (Blue Lake)–a place where Temujin was crowned as Chinggis Khaan in 1206, Ikh Aureg (Palace) of Chinggis Khaan–the site closely connected with the historical work “The Secret History of the Mongols” (Mongolyn Nuuts Tovchoo) written in 1240, Doloon Boldog in Kherlen Khuduu-Aral, often mentioned in this masterpiece, Gundgavirlan monastery built in 1660 and reopened in the 1990s, an impressive Chinggis Khaan Statue in the Gurvan Nuur, built-in 1962 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of his birth, the Galtai Agui (an 80-meter deep cave), and others. There are many species of birds, including whooper swans, spoonbills, and great white egrets and raptors are found here.

Beautiful Horses & Chance to ride fastest horses
The area, specifically the town of Galshar in the south of the aimag is famous for its fast beautiful horses.  If you visit in wintertime, there is a Winter Horse Festival takes place annually. The festival aims to continue the nomadic equestrian tradition, awarding the best trainers and horses of the region.

Wild Fruits & Wild animals
The aimag land exhibits the richest diversity of plant and animal life. It is rich in wild berries, such as red and black currant, strawberry, blueberry as well as different kinds of medical herbs.
Hentii is home to endangered musk dear and moose, brown bear, wolf, lynx, badger, wolverine, weasel, sable, roe-deer, elk, and squirrels. White gazelle, fox, steppe fox, marmots, and hares come across in plenty in the steppe and grasslands.

Hot & Cold Springs
Surrounded by dramatic views, Khentii aimag is rich with hot & cold springs which were considered a sacred healing site by the area’s native residents. For instance, Gurvan nuur, Ono, Avarga toson, Tars and others.

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