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The Largest airline in Mongolia

Mongolian airline

Mongolian Airline /MIAT/

The largest airline in the country is MIAT Mongolian Airline. The airline has its headquarters in the capital of the country Ulaanbaatar at the “Chinggis Khan International Airport”. The airline was founded in 1956. It is the oldest still active airline in Mongolia. MIAT Mongolian Airline is completely in state ownership. With more than 1000 employees, the airline is the largest company in the Ulaanbaatar region. Mongolia aircraft. Mongolian airline

Every year, almost two million people fly with MIAT. One reason for this is that there are no significant alternatives for air travel within Mongolia. The international destinations are all within Asia. Also, there are only a few direct flights to Europe or Africa. There is a direct flight once a week to Moscow, Russia. Four times a week, MIAT Airline flies from Ulaanbaatar to Berlin. In summer, there are additional flights from Ulaanbaatar to Frankfurt two to three times a week.

In the Asian region, MIAT fly to the airports in Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong and also Osaka. Those who travel a lot with MIAT Mongolian Airline should also take a look at the offers of the airline’s frequent flyer program. It is called “Blue Sky Mongolia”. Here, travelers receive discounts on further trips, as well as exclusive access to the airport lounges in Ulaanbaatar. The fleet of MIAT currently consists of only four aircraft. These are on average about 14 years old. However, the airline has already ordered another four aircraft in order to be able to expand its network in the future.

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